Friday, 1 January 2010

The Dec Spree

Okay while every single blogger is doing this resolution cum recap thingy, i am going to put down something that happen on december 2008.

1st of all i celebrated my sis big 21st bday and it was awesome with friends and relatives coming and spoiling her with awesome gifts and angpaus. (freaking long overdue event)

Well right after my exam, i forcefully opted another career - driver of siblings and aunt. So the 1st week was basically fetching and dropping people all across KL and PJ. I did nothing except eating some good food and wake up just before lunch time for breakfast.

Now, the best moment of the month was melaka trip with high school mates , was fun and crazy with much joy we came home together as well. Food was good and long distance driving with friends is something i enjoyed very much all together. And all trip ain't complete without booze and cards, where some poeple got drunk and lost some money. Nevertheless, i think everyone had fun. (photo at facebook)

Next up, was Christmas Eve @ Curve, was suppose to head to library but due to abnormal charges, went to laundry instead. Well did nothing beside talking nonsense with the buddies and left rather early due to boredom.

Last thing of the year was clubbing at Maison with the usual culprits and put up the night at hang's place.

I dont intend to do resolution cause i know i wont be able to achieve it ..
Till then

Thursday, 19 November 2009

A Thursday without class

I usually don't do this, but i ended up in college when i dont even have a class. Well, since finals is just in a week time, i brought along econs text to study in college. Reached college at 10am , and started study since moon and leon are still in moral class as we are suppose to meet up for management discussion. So quietly i sat down and study for an hour till they come down and join me. At that time, i was having a dilemma between 2012 or focusing on revision. Luckily, I'm rational enough to stay away from the temptation and continue my studying session with moon and leon since our discussion lasted barely 5 mins.

Soon it was lunch time and leon suggested bahkutteh and off we are to klang, and vincent join us as well. Driving across federal highway at that time was a breeze as it's quite free. Reaching the shop i suggested, lol, things sold out at 1pm of lunch time, which leave us no choice but to another shop, this time suggested by leon. With the help of Vince's gps, we reached our destination in 1.15pm, had a quick lunch and left so that we could make it back to college before 2.30pm and we made it.

Then second half of revision session and left college at 4pm where people who went for movie and suppose to come back to college for revision are nowhere to be seen.

Had a productive day where i revised quite a bit thats the reason why i'm blogging right now.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

UK education

As much as i don't really fancy studying, mind you i enjoy learning but not studying. I do enjoy discussing education in general with peoples around me. Thus , although I'm quite screwed in terms of results ( degree only) lol, i have the tendency to discuss the education and CARS with my peers, in fact, there are friends who fared much better results than me consults me for their future education.

Yesterday, as me and my friends sat down at foyers at uni, somehow we started an conversation regarding education as we compare the 3 main countries (UK, US, Aussie) that malaysian opt when they pursue their tertiary education. As much as i hate to say, the centuries old UK education system need a rebuild as many things they are doing is just not practical anymore. i have no doubt that uk education system produce a lot of professionals, but the way of learning just need to move on. For example, I'm still learning management theories from my great grandfather era which is illogical in today's world. A round table case study discussion and presentation after that would make much more sense than a final exam which requires answer with theories that no longer apply.
Because u can always do extra reading when u graduated therefore, you should strive to understand and learn it now but not memorize it. Education is not just about scoring As, u might think i'm bitching cause i couldnt score A in my degree, but dont u agree u are just studying for the sake of scoring without understanding what are u learning and what could u do with this knowledge in the future??

I always wonders, when the british is going to implement the more liberal of education just like the US. as clearly studying and learning is a distinct thing all together. so that we the Commonwealth nations can enjoy the benefits of it.

A wise man once said,

To repeat what others have said, requires education. To challenge it, requires brain.

The UK system need a revamp as the Aussie is picking up and might well be the 1st choice of tertiary education for malaysian in the future.

The above is just my 2 cents from the topic. Now, i'm off to study and assignment cos i m doing an uk program. LOL

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Audi 2

At this very moment, i'm sitting in Audi 2 in uni blogging. I realised i havent been blogging for the past2 months cos basically nothing special happened during this boring month of the year. For the past 2 months, i attended shaheraa birthday party, deepavali and raya open hse of friends , went to skybar and of all things studied for midterm test and doing assignment

Btw, i still have 2 assignment due coming fri as well as the next fri. FML, why did i choose this course??

My 2 cents, granting a reward towards a person is an appreciation for what he/she deserved but not bragging rights to show off.

Till then, bye.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday Morning At School

Waking up as early as 7am on a sunday morning may be a sin for many ppl including me. However, this very morning i woke u at that time to go MBS to play basketball with my buddies since forever for a basketball session. In fact, we r suppose to meet up at 8, and thus i taught i am late after arriving there at 8.30am. But due the fact we are malaysian , and worse MBSian, thus the game only started at 9.30 since everyone arrive much later than the scheduled time.

Well, basketball is awesome though wit 9 of us , but the fact playing basketball is much cheaper than our normal futsal day since it is free. After playing for 2 hours +, we decided to call it a day and went Nam Heong for chicken rice which was a ripped off. A cup of ice cincau is RM2.20. and after the not so satisfying meal, we proceed to our talking session which we spent 1 hours + talking abt some random stuff since i haven't meet them like 3 weeks, so they kind of update what is happening , not revealing anything here, cos what happened should stay at where it happened and i guess my friends will nt be happy if i revealed it here.

Anyway, today is an awesome day.
Cheers and be happy everyone

Monday, 31 August 2009

College Rountine

Well, college started on 17th August and nothing much happened through the weeks with the exception of receiving a well below par results which put me to shame. Any, i will try my best to improve my score and hopefully secure a scholarship with Bursa Malaysia, which i had already attended the written assessment and interviews. So yea, hopes everything goes well. lately, i have the urge to drink, party anyone??

Government just decide to give the people a perfect national day present by giving a price hike on petrol indirectly by increasing the price of Ron 97 to RM2.05 and Ron 95 to RM1.80 which put them on the same price as Ron 97 before the price hike. But ironically, our domestic and trade ministry claimed that it would save money for the people by doing this. What a joke.. with this , stay united and be a proud Malaysian.1MALAYSIA cheers!!


Monday, 27 July 2009

Seng Hang's Birthday and Mine as well

For the previous wee, i had been extremely busy due to the fact that i had to helped my dad in the buggy championship (femca) food stall. FYI, the championship is actually equivalent to Asian Cup for remote control car championship, but i think nobody would ever imagine how hardcore those players could be. on top of that, the tourney is no as lame as ppl would think cos they actually play in track with certain rules that make it look like mini rally tourney. This is an eye opener for me and i guess some ppl are funny and easy going, except maybe malaysian players. Overseas players are funny and cool.

neway, in my previous post, i mentioned i going to celebrate few birthdays with friends and family.
1st was wingyew's 21st birthday where we celebrated at a german restaurent which serve non-halal western food. The food was impressive yet not pricey based on the portion and hoegardden from the tap just make it better.

Next up, seng hang's birthday in poppy, where dramas and fun i shall nt review it here. i also sort of celebrated since we are there on the morning of 26th july.

I shall have my long waited rest now although my holidays started 2 weeks ago.

Last but not least, manu rocked the KL city the day they arrived on 17th july. i was a proud manu fan as i was at Bukit Jalil for the apperance of the devils at there and i attended both the matches. Here we go devils, and we shall wait for the start of 09/10 EPL